A well stocked library has been established in the college campus with a wide range of database for the benefits of students and staff. Library services include reference books, magazines, dictionaries, textbooks, catalogue search, newspapers, journals etc. Students are able to issue books and study material for enhancing their educational view.
Hands-on laboratory science experience is very important in learning process across all areas of study. Practical aspect of knowledge develops the problem solving and critical thinking skills as well as gaining exposure about the novel drug development by using high technology. The college provides all the required facilities recommended by regulatory bodies such as PCI and HSBTE. Collection of various medicinal plants in herbal garden provides development of novel herbal drug formulations for healthcare perspectives. All the laboratories fulfill various aspects of manufacturing of drug formulations like tablets, capsules, parental, ointments, shelf-life study and quality control of different dosage form. Pharmaceutics lab is attached with aseptic room as per a GLP guideline which is helpful in preparation and sterilization of culture media.

In sports, the students can have access to Sports Complex enjoy playing games likes Cricket, Football, Hand Ball and also Swimming and skating. The college offers facilties Medical Room, Yoga, mediation and other mind- body development programmes.

At Satpriya College Of Pharmacy Students get an opportunity for the development and display of creative talents, like crative writing quiz, debates, seminar, skits etc. The Institute provides special attention to the physical well being of its students. A recreation room has been provided for them to maintain their fitness. There are facilities for indoor and outdoor games also. The students are encouraged to participate in various sports activities like cricket, volleyball, football etc.